Our 10 Year Strategic Plan

The Development Finance Summit is an annual African conference, which aims to be a catalyst for development finance across African countries and the hub for the continent’s thought leadership.

The steering committee for the summit have big plans. We aim to help solve the conundrum:
How much investment do African countries need in their critical sectors to stimulate growth?

Who are we?

We are a team of privately owned Financial Advisory firms solely focused on leveraging foreign and local finance (trade, development, corporate and project), across the Extractive, Agriculture and Infrastructure. We have a proven track record in creating jobs and making a lasting difference to people's lives.


The summit’s key objective is to facilitate conversations and actions that will help create a funnel for development finance into Africa. The intention of this is to reach out to the real sector of the economy for a more robust and inclusive growth. Essentially providing long-term jobs for everyday people.

What is the plan?

Our strategy is to work with Development Finance Institutions, Fund Managers and Institutional investors who have a strong appetite for investing in socio-economic development in Africa. Our approach means we are taking our expertise and network of Fund Managers, HNIs and Institutional investors with us to different African nations. We plan to facilitate a conversation about widening the pool of investments and how to fast track the pipeline of bankable projects.

In the first year of the conference based in Nigeria, we are partnering with CNBC Africa to deliver an Africa-centric and engaging conference. The summit will provide access to leading African research papers and speakers as well as deal opportunities for those with businesses on the continent. We have partnerships with Political will facilitators, Deal Originators, Deal Structurers, Financial Modellers and Financial Analysts possessing deep global and local strategic partnerships required to deliver national developmental goals across Africa. The summit will include workshops, plenary sessions, and access to Investment-ready businesses and international investors (Institutional and Fund managers).

In Year 2 we want to host the conference in another prospering African nation, such as Ghana or Gambia. By Year 5, we want to move the conference to East Africa, for instance Kenya. In the conference’s 10 year plan we want to launch a DFS index, comprising of key African businesses that we consider suitable and worth your investment. We hope to enable funds to tap into emerging African business and thereby see the continent develop economically. By the end of the 10 years we intend to have developed a sustainable and passionate group of attendees and sponsors who are interested in investing in Africa and seeing it prosper.

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