About the Conference

Introducing Ghana 2018

The Development Finance Summit in Ghana will bring together the ecosystem of principal actors within Infrastructure, Corporate Finance, Trade, and Project finance world. The summit will bring together selected Entrepreneurs, Commercial Banks executives, Fund managers, Institutional investors, Policymakers, Multilateral organizations, and Development Finance institutions to discuss solutions and proposals for ensuring development and private finance reach the ‘last mile’.

Through DFS Africa Conferences, Investor Roundtables, Roadshows, and Deal Room, we facilitate conversations and generate actions that will create a funnel for Development & Private Sector financing into Africa.

Towards Inclusive Growth - Catalyzing private sector participation for economic growth and development


Conference Format

The Conference will comprise several plenary sessions, which will feature presentations and discussions by prominent entrepreneurs, bankers, policy makers, private sector actors, opinion leaders and representatives from multilaterals, ‘think-tanks’, and development organizations.

The breakout sessions will allow for more in-depth and technical analysis of salient issues related to the thematic focus of the Conference.